This specific model is a unique model delivering a TCP optimization for HTTP/HTTPS Traffic. Powercache-1029 is the main component of our Ultra-scale platform used to optimize the TCP traffic.


Traffic Classification & QoS


The DiffServ packet marking is used to set a priority class to every IP packet. This information is then taken in account by routing and any other traffic shaping and QoS equipments.


It then becomes clear that the efficiency of such equipments depends on the accuracy and the correctness of the packet flags. As a L7/L8 (content) processing equipment, Powercache is at the best place to set this flags.


Powercahce can also control the TCP stack parameters such as buffer size, and the anti congestion algorithms.


Total throughput of Pure TCP optimization without any traffic processing is up to 7.0 Gb/s. 

Maximum concurrent sessions 4.8M.

PowerCache-1029 TCP Optimizer  Model



Hardware Specs

- Dual Intel Processor - Xeon 12 Cores

- RAM 32GB

- HHD 64  

- Dual Network interface 1Gb/s

- Quad Network interface 10Gb/s

- Remote Management Port

- Dual Power supply


**3 Year Basic Hardware Warranty **