Managed Bandwidth optimization services

iZone Telecom offers a full  managed Bandwidth optimization service , from a 100Mbps  to 300Gbps load balanced, clustered multi-site service. We can tailor every aspect of your bandwidth  according to your specific requirements.


Our bandwidth optimization service is currently offered from our DataCenter in Germany with a future plans to expand in north America and Australia.





At iZone Telecom we understand the term high-availability has various definitions to different organisation. iZone Telecom understands high-availability and can work in collaboration with you to design a system that meets your business requirements. By combining various technologies such as hardware redundancy, clustering, load balancing, firewalls, data protection and data replication we can help assure your hosting platform never suffers significant downtime and lost revenue.




Clustering offers not only redundant hardware components with automatic failover, but also software that provides content replication. By utilising clustering in our service you can be guaranteed the highest possible availability for your Connectivity. Clustering has the added advantage of offering not only high availability but also scalability. Since an unlimited amount of servers can be added to the configuration, your service is infinitely scalable. The core advantage of clustering servers is that live maintenance becomes possible since servers can be taken in and out of the cluster, therefore our service can be maintained and upgraded without any impact on service.


Load Balancing


iZone Cloud's high performance load balancing solution is designed to provide high availability; maximising reliability and increasing scalability. The LoadBalancing controls inbound traffic distribution, allowing the pooling of resources among multiple servers and thus eliminating downtime by automatically redirecting traffic in the event of a server failure or network congestion.


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