Optimization Cloud Improves

Up to 75% Fewer Data Traffic


Faster Web Response Time

No need for 3rd party traffic inspection/ load-balancing

HTTP & TCP optimization


 Packets completion optimization

 “Keep alive”

 Pooling and connection re-use

 Upstream/downstream decoupling Separate TCP settings for upstream/downstream with stacks   identification

 Timeout / Windows / retransmission

 Respect for congestion mechanisms

 RAN buffering management (Radio Access Network) – video shaping and download

Protection against hacking and malicious traffic


 Tagging fake-http for tracking

 Avoiding Skype on port 80

Clientless solution


Minor modification needed on operator’s side, no client needed on customer’s side


Transparent deployment


IP-Transparent insertion - No change of existing infrastructure

NATs, Firewall respect

No IP address on Data network

Fail-over (optical bypass)

IP-less mode available

Proxy / reverse proxy modes also available


Redundancy: Hot-standby, multi-backup, LAGG


VRRP mode (active / passive)


Fail-over mechanism


Optical fail-over card

Graceful shutdown/restart mechanisms

Uninterrupted operations

Bandwidth Optimization Cloud Service

If You are a Telecom operator, ISP or CSP needing to optimize your bandwidth usage and to improve your subscribers' experience? You surely are interested in our service. iZone Cloud permits to rationalize infrastructure costs and reduces the bill of transit links..



If you are a company and you want to benefit from data optimization and / or security enhancement, application's response time improvement, affordable mobility deployment or bandwidth costs savings, you will be pleased to know that our Service is already offered for companies from all sectors and optimizes daily hundreds of millions of http/https connections worldwide. Many deployment options are available, adaptable to your precise needs: you can choose to subscribe to izone cloud for all your employees or get your own dedicated cloud service bandwidth saving.