Network Content Control

Protect revenue and ensure compliance. Identify content (URLs, files) to enforce specific network traffic filtering policies for security and compliance.


Vedicis Network Content Control provides selective content (URLs or files) and APPs blocking or tracking. The Content Smart Switch with this service is synchronized with a centralised database (coming from the regulator, the carrier, or from a security vendor through built-in API) to provision content that needs to be tracked or blocked.


On top of applications and protocols blocking, this delivers a powerful bandwidth management system to regulate precisely a list of content (URLs, movies, music, games, files…) that can support millions of items transiting over broadband networks.


Content traffic measures


The Vedicis solution is deployed within the carrier network and monitors all traffic related to its content database. Carriers have a clear visibility over URLs and file-sharing activity (downloads or streams).


They may decide to activate statistics about the “Top 100” or “Top 1000” content or source addresses using network for file sharing.


Content circulation control


URLs, files & streams control : with its ability to detect and identify >10 Million content items within broadband networks, Vedicis Network Content Control service provides clear visibility on content traffic, and control access to unauthorized content either for parental control application, regulation or security purpose.


Today’s solutions for URL filtering are either proxy based or DNS based. These solutions either incur high latency (proxy) or they have proved largely ineffective (because of open DNS). Vedicis solution achieves network content control without impacting traffic latency. Various deployment strategies prevent by-pass and common work arounds.


Solutions for Telecom Operators with Network Content Control:


- Personalized Services


- Parental Control


- Internet Content Compliance

Policy Enforcement & Network Traffic Intelligence