Vedicis Content Smart Switch (CoSS) is a multi-application software platform to manage and control content within telecom operator’s broadband networks. This platform delivers a full set of services to monitor, prioritize, neutralize and steer content and application traffic in real time

Content Smart Switch Platform


Detection & identification for visibility


The CoSS provides new level of accuracy and granularity to detect and identify:


Applications, protocols and usage (APPs):


Traffic is classified thanks to a library of protocols that contains 1000+ of applications and protocols (L4-L7)


 Network and Application Services,

 Peer-to-Peer, Streaming

 Instant Messaging, Webmail, VoIP

 Web and Forum,




Operators may also define and configure their owned APPs with specific network keys:


 port number

 Autonomous Systems (AS)




Up to 62 000 APPs may then be created and managed as any other familiar protocol.


On top of these APPs, various content items are identified like


 URLs, files

 user agents



with appropriate reference databases.




 IP, User & profile through mapping with integration to Radius, Policy Server, etc...



Network and locations:



 Cell ID



Measures and metering for intelligence


The CoSS brings multiple features to transform network traffic data into actionable information:


Reports and KPI


Statistics with applications audience assessment, trends, and user follow up with measures in bandwidth and in volume. KPIs include top talkers, top URLs, top AS, top APPs, volume and real time bandwidth calculation


Data acquisition


Tickets extraction for CDR, IPDR or custom format for real time usage tracking to feed external database and correlation engines,


Service metering and quota management


Real time bandwidth measures

Quota control and metering towards charging/billing systems for pcc, pcrf and pcef.


Policy Enforcement for enhanced control


The CoSS delivers the full functionalities to enforce operator’s policies to control and steer their bandwidth traffic and implement new services. This consists in following features:


Policy control and enforcement for applications and protocols :


 APPs throttling or prioritization with QoS marking (DSCP, MPLS or VLAN tags) and APPs shaping (bandwidth     limits enforcement per group of APPs)

 APPs admission control with session limitation per APP (i.e video admission control)

 APPs blocking (black list enforcement)

 APPs rerouting to VAS servers


Policy control and enforcement for Subscribers :



 Profile enforcement

 User based bandwidth limitation, concurrent sessions’ limitation per IP

 Group of APPs policy enforcement per user

    - quota

    - bandwidth threshold


Policy control and enforcement for URLs :



 Content reference blocking (black list enforcement)

 Content (URLs) rerouting to VAS servers or captive portal


Smart routing and traffic redirect


 User/IP, APP…

 Traffic selection redirection upon specific criteria such as user/IP, AS...

Policy Enforcement & Network Traffic Intelligence