This super size  model  fits the needs of an Internet service provider operating for example  STM16,

STM-1 , STM-4 links or equivalent, connecting its customer access network to the Internet.


The extra cache storage capacity (3.2TB on ultra high performance SSD + 48 TB SAS 15lRPM SAS HTT) allows to efficiently cache videos such as Youtube.


The maximum appliance  throughput is 3.2 Gb/s.

The maximum HTTP PARSING 236,000 /s.

PowerCache-2400X48 Model



Hardware Specs

Highlighted Features

- Fully Transperent content driven cache.

- Standard Web Page Component Cache and Revalidation Mechanism.

- Respects HTTP Keepalive Connections Management.

- Complies with Pipe-lined HTTP requests.

- Partial Content “206” Ranges Caching by content addressing.

- Per Domain / Per URL Sticky Mode Configuration.

- Advanced Caching / Fine Tuned Rules and Policy.

- Query-String and Cookie Caching Rule Overriding.

- Unlimited Video and Media File Size.

- Static and Dynamic contents caching.

- No browser cache enforcement.

- Advanced Analytics Reporting Engine.

- Dual Intel Processor - Xeon 8 Cores

- RAM 256GB

- HHD 36TB or 48TB

- SSD 2 X1.6TB

- Quad Network interface 1Gb/s

- Dual Network interface 10Gb/s

- Remote Management Port

- Dual Power supply


**3 Year Basic Hardware Warranty **