The Ultra-scale design  fits the needs of internet service provider operating  an equivelient links of 10Gb/s to 40Gb/s. 48U Rack Includes up to 36 caching processing units + high available Load-Balancer + SAN stoage up to 1 Peta Byte + Logs processing unit used for analytics engine + Open Flow Switch.


The maximum solution  throughput is 180Gb/s.

The maximum HTTP /HTTPS PARSING 5,900,000 /s

PowerCache- Ultra-scale solution

PowerCache- Ultra-scale solution up to  180Gb/s THROUGHPUT


Cache Hardware Specs

Highlighted Features

- Fully Transperent content driven cache.

- Standard Web Page Component Cache and Revalidation Mechanism.

- Respects HTTP Keepalive Connections Management.

- Complies with Pipe-lined HTTP requests.

- Partial Content “206” Ranges Caching by content addressing.

- Per Domain / Per URL Sticky Mode Configuration.

- Advanced Caching / Fine Tuned Rules and Policy.

- Query-String and Cookie Caching Rule Overriding.

- Unlimited Video and Media File Size.

- Static and Dynamic contents caching.

- No browser cache enforcement.

- Single  web interface to monitor all solution components.

- Advanced Analytics Reporting Engine.


- Dual E5-2653v4 skylake Processor

- RAM 32GB


- 4 X 10GB/s Fiber optic

- Remote Management Port

- Dual Power supply


**3 Year Basic Hardware Warranty **

Load-Balancer Hardware Specs

- Intel® Xeon® E5-2407 v2 2.40GHz, 10M Cache, 6.4GT/s QPI, No Turbo, 4C, 80W, Max Mem 1333MHz

- RAM 16GB X 2 DDR4-2133

- SSD 160GB

- Dual Network interface 1Gb/s

- Remote Management Port

- Dual Power supply


**3 Year Basic Hardware Warranty **

SAN Hardware Specs

- Single Intel Processor -Xeon E5-1650v3 (6 core, 3.4Ghz).

- RAM 32GB 2133MHz DDR4 ECC CL15 LRDIMM QR x4 w/TS.

- 2xSSD Micron M500DC..

- n* X Dual 10Gb/s add-on card, SFP+ cache, Direct-attach or Optic.

- n** x 6TB HDD (SAS3, 12Gbps, Seagate Constellation ES.3 or HGST Ultrastar).

- Remote Management Port.

- Dual Power supply.


* Number of network interfaces depends of total number of cache processing units installed.

** Number of HHD's Depends on the required total storage.

3 Year Basic Hardware Warranty

Analytics engine  Hardware Specs

- 2X Intel® Xeon® E5-2623 v3 3.0GHz, 10M Cache,8.00GT/s QPI,Turbo,HT, 4C/8T (105W)

- RAM 8GBX 8 DDR4-2133

- 1TB 7.2K RPM SATA 6Gbps 3.5in Cabled Hard Drive

- Dual Intel Ethernet I350 QP 1Gb Network Card

- Remote Management Port

- Single Power supply


**3 Year Basic Hardware Warranty **

* Open Flow Switch Hardware Specs

- Layer 2/3 10G Ethernet SuperSwitch

- 48 Ten Gigabit Ethernet ports - SFP+ Connectors

- 6 Forty-Gigabit Ethernet ports - QSFP Connectors


* Powercache Load-Balance supports HTTP/HTTPS, If more protocols needs to be controlled; Open Flow switch is a required.  i.e supporting protocols like  FTP, SMTP, POP3...etc.


**3 Year Basic Hardware Warranty **