Smart Routing & Traffic Redirect

Route specific traffic with intelligent criteria for Wifi access control, vas optimization, improved Quality of Service and self care portal.


Vedicis Smart Routing service provides specific routing to traffic that has been selected through intelligent criteria such as:

Traffic redirect


Vedicis traffic redirect routes a part of the traffic, based on Apps or user criteria. This enables optimizing the sizing and processing of specific third party application servers. Current use cases include:

The user redirection is enforced at the end of their quota for instance, so that prepaid customers may refill their credit.

The most popular content/URLs are identified in real time ("top content") and they are routed towards a cache system with storage.

Only specified video traffic is routed to Video optimization server.


Smart Span


Smart Span feature duplicates the traffic, sending a copy to a dedicated third party application server, like system designed to analyze a specific traffic flow for offline qoe processing and/or monitoring. Vedicis' solution routes only the targeted part of the traffic, in order to optimize sizing and operations for:


User service access control


Vedicis User Service Access Control feature ensures user identification, access control to applications, ensuring load sharing to third party application servers. This is used as well as a centralized solution to manage Wifi access control for hundreds of thousand susbcribers and route traffic to self care portal.


Solutions for Telecom Operators with Smart Routing :


- Personalized Services, for prepaid subscribers


- Roaming services


- Internet Content Compliance

Policy Enforcement & Network Traffic Intelligence