Usage Metering and Charging

Usage Metering feature tracks events/data/volume & bandwidths to create xDR or call flows for real time data capture to feed either convergent charging and billing systems, or external DataBase for other offline analytics and Business Intelligence.


Advanced traffic metering


Vedicis Usage Metering service generates smart Data Records (xDR) or real time call flows (supporting Gx metering, Gy), depending on user profiling/charging requirements. 3 types of criteria may be choosen for metering:

Various parameters like number of sessions, bandwidth per APPs, or volume quota are available to create thresholds and triggers for data charging.


Programmable xDRs/real time call flow generation


Vedicis Usage Metering service tracks the volume whether it is on the uplink, the downlink or in both directions, for the different groups of APPs. This information is available to build enriched xDR (for post-paid services, for instance) or call flows (for pre-paid services or online charging systems), which therefore contain volume associated to the pre-defined APPs.


Instead of generating a ticket (or a call flow) for each IP session, the Vedicis web based billing software generates a single set of information that is triggered depending on various criteria, like APPs or URL detection, volume or bandwidth thresholds, etc... For example, if the objective is to track P2P traffic for a certain type of users, Vedicis solution generates, for these users only, one ticket including the volume exchanged during a P2P session, instead of sending multiple tickets for each technical IP session.

Enriched set of information with pre-agregation


xDR or call flows are triggered on demand, and are set to contain multiple parameters resulting from multiple traffic counters. An xDR may then include Facebook volume, Youtube or video volume, and VoIP volume at the end of a user session for postpaid customers.


This reduces immediately the number of call flows/xDR and the diameter signaling. As such, it prevents diameter signaling storm, and call flows are no more growing with the traffic growth but with the number of events that needs to be created for charging...

Configuration and interfaces for fast integration and straight forward operation


The configuration of this set of information is directly available from a GUI to ease data metering set-up and operation. These enriched tickets or call flows are provided with standard or customizable interfaces to third party components:

Current available APIs support 3GPP standards and include Gx, Gy, Gz. File format may be tuned as well. For instance, Netflow based file format with Vedicis specific fields for additional information may be used.


Solutions for Telecom Operators with Usage Metering :


- Personalized Services


- QoE improvement and congestion mitigation


- Roaming services


- Lawful Intercept and BI

Policy Enforcement & Network Traffic Intelligence